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January 15 2016


Bikinis for Wide Hips

Hips have been in, the curvaceous figure is back in style and wide hips are the content, so read on, would give you some ideas on what kind of bikini looks ideal for women with wider hips.

see through bikini
A female with a thicker torso has more options truth be told when it comes to bikinis than a skinny torso, the explanation for this is that fashion styles are changing and the movement in the fashion companies are a heavier, healthier look.

A favorites when it comes to bikinis for wide hips will be the scoop front bikini. The inside track front style of bikini bottoms does two things, it elongates and smooth's the torso as well as the scoop front has a tendency to give depth and additional elongate the mid-section through the frontal view. Because of these two reasons, the inside track front bikini is in no way our favorite recommendation when it comes to bikinis for wide hips. This scoop front bikini bottom will smooth and accentuate your curves and give your torso that perfect bikini look.

The next option is simply the string bikini bottom. In the 60's when the bikini was making its debut, string bikinis were the craze and women with hips were the type of choice. The string bikini permits the hips to flow, it has a tendency to draw attention away from the hip area and draw more care about the complete body and isn't that really what the concept of a bikini is focused on, to admire the complete package and not concentrate on one area.

Bikinis with straps are getting to be very popular on fashion runways worldwide. As the fashion industry changes as well as the more curvaceous women is desired the bikini with straps is gaining a great deal of focus from beach goers around the globe. The multiple strap bikini is a perfect choice when looking for bikinis for wide hips. The multiple straps will have a tendency to draw attention to the style and never the area. Typically the bikini with multiple straps will handle more of the hip spot for a more polished finished appearance.

Should you be looking for more coverage compared to the vintage style bikini is about the comeback. The late 50's kind of bikini is on a comeback and is really gaining ground in the Hollywood celebrity ring. These bikinis are wonderful when it comes to designer bikinis for wide hips, they have an inclination to ride good for waist line and five full coverage. Many have control panels built-in for a little extra tummy control if desired.

Tankini Bikinis will be the rage for all body types at the moment mostly driven by the need for less sun exposure but the styles, colors and patterns are incredibly diverse and sexy. The tankini bikini offers full coverage for the woman that merely wants to keep things under cover. A lot of women today are still uncomfortable using their hip area and like to keep a more conservative look. That is unfortunate especially with how a desired optimum bikini person is changing to a curvier look, though the tankini is an excellent choice regardless.

One of the latest fashion bikinis could be the shaping bikini. These bikinis give a scoop front design though the scoop I in many of a "V" shape. Using the V front offset by the wider waist band, this bikini gives an incredible slimming appearance that no other bikini offers. This bikini by design is made for women with a wider hip area and thicker thighs. The shaper bikini is stunning obviously and is a perfect decision for women with a thicker torso.

Skirted bikinis are again a greater portion of a coverage type of bikini style for your more conservative woman, but are incredibly sexy and so are quite versatile. You can go from sipping drinks by the pool at happy hour to walking outside in the local town browsing. Again as with Tankinis, one can choose from a wide range of styles, patterns and colors.

Finally for the really outgoing would mention the thong or g string bikini. Take note, the thong and g string bikini were originally made for the woman that had hips. It not only draws attention outside the hip area, in most cases it completely eliminates the standard wider hip appearance and provide a more balanced look.

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